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2016 MWNA Scholarship Award Recipients.

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The Montclair Wollaston Neighrborhood Association ("MWNA") is an organization dedicated to providing a voice for the citizens of the Montclair and Wollaston communities.  The MWNA covers residents who live in the area bordered by the Neponset River to the north, Beale Street to the south, Newport Avenue to the east and the Town of Milton to the west.



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MWNA President James Coughlin presented Janet and Howard Crowley with the first annual Community Leadership Award at the MWNA's 25th Anniversary Celebration on November 3rd.
Photo Credit: Wallace Go.
Seated (right to left): Howard Crowley and Janet Crowley
Standing (right to left):  MWNA President James Coughlin, Norfolk County Register of Probate Patrick McDermott, State Representative Tackey Chan, Former Ward 3 City Councilor Larry Chretien, Ward 3 City Councilor Ian Cain, Mayor Thomas Koch, Former Ward 3 City Councilor and Council President Kevin Coughlin, State Representative Bruce Ayers, State Representative Daniel Hunt.   

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Interested in volunteering with the MWNA?  Please write to us on our "Contact Us" page.  

The Montclair Wollaston Neighborhood Association was created in 1991 with a mission of creating a forum for discussion of issues unique to the Montclair and Wollaston communities and to promote a platform for residents to get involved in the community and stay informed.  The MWNA continues this mission today. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019 
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (308 West Squantum Street)


Montclair and Wollaston School Band Performance &

Ice Cream Social